Tid bit

Good morning everyone,
I had another look and didn’t find much at all about Spanish Flu but I did come across this article which I thought might amuse you,

Northampton Mercury
Friday, 7th March, 1919

Finedon Explosion
Prosecuted for taking home gelignite

Ernest Arthur Harrison was summoned for unlawfully keeping for private use a certain explosive without having obtained a certificate from the Chief of Police at Finedon.

The defendant admitted taking two little bits of explosive home but didn’t mean any harm.

Supt. Macleod said that on the morning of January 28th an explosion had occurred at the home of the defendant in which the house was wrecked.

Supt. Macleod said that the only penalty that could be inflicted was a fine of two shillings (10p). That was the only penalty for endangering the lives of several people. The defendant’s wife and children would undoubtedly have been killed or very seriously injured if they had been downstairs at the time.

The maximum fine of two shillings and costs was inflicted.