70 Years on the High Street

Alan Mayes has contributed some excellent material to the archive which I am sure you will want us to use, perhaps in association with our project on the High Street. This is Alan’s opening:-

70 years on the High Street – 70 years living on the same street, in the same house – years ago fairly typical but less so today. Not something I planned when I arrived here from the Barratt Maternity Home but none of us know what circumstances will bring our way. I thought a record of how I remember the High Street in the 1950s and 1960s, building by building, would be a project during this difficult period of lock-down (and a good sleeping pill to anyone foolish enough to read it!!)

It really is a valuable piece of information and an amazing recollection of what we once had. To add to that, it will be accompanied by a hand-drawn frieze of the buildings. To my mind, not a single building has been missed! Alan has, of course, lived in High Street longer than any other resident.